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Unsafe Driving Causes Fatal Crash with 18-Wheeler

The defendant, driving an 18-wheeler, was driving 65 mph in rain and sleet with his cruise control on when he hit a disabled vehicle. Our client’s teenage daughter was a passenger in that disabled vehicle. Tragically, the impact killed this young, promising college student. The law requires truck drivers to reduce their speed in adverse weather, and industry standards make clear that commercial drivers should not use cruise control in adverse weather.

Total Amount to Client
Truck Driver Makes Right Turn From Middle Lane

A family of three was driving alongside a truck when the defendant truck driver makes a right turn from the middle lane, causing injuries to all passengers in the vehicle.

Total Amount to Client
Distracted Utility Truck Driver Rear-Ends Client at Full Speed on Highway

Our client was traveling on I-20 in Midland, Texas. Traffic ahead slowed, and our client came to a stop. The defendant driver, operating a utility truck for a medical supply company, was distracted by his cell phone and rear-ended our client at 72 mph. The force of the impact caused a catastrophic three-vehicle wreck, and our client's vehicle flipped, landing on its roof. Additional investigation revealed the driver had a history of driving over the posted speed limit while on the job. The company, which monitored the utility truck via GPS, knew or should have known its employee habitually sped while on the job—driving all over West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. Our client sustained a traumatic brain injury with a large scalp laceration and injuries to his neck, back, and shoulders. Our client underwent multiple spinal injections and surgery on both shoulders.

Total Amount to Client
Ferrari Causes Accident with Unsafe Lane Change

Our client was traveling on Northwest Highway 12 when the defendant, driving a Ferrari, made an unsafe lane change across three lanes and struck her car. The impact caused our client's car to spin uncontrollably. Following the wreck, she was transported via ambulance to the hospital, where she underwent back surgery. Subsequent surgeries followed, including low-back surgery and neck surgery. The long recovery and the trauma from the event were overwhelming, and our client developed depression and anxiety.

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