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$1.46 Million

An 18-wheeler driver who was driving bobtail exited the highway and crossed three lanes of traffic in order to make an upcoming right hand turn. The 18-wheeler driver failed to yield the right of way and began to enter the third lane and turn causing a collision with our client’s SUV on the front driver’s side. Our client ended up suffering injuries to his neck and head including, most significantly, a mild traumatic brain injury that affected his vision and speech.

$1.72 Million

Two days before Christmas, a plumber and his supervisor both high on meth crossed over into incoming traffic on a two-lane highway hitting our client head on and killing him. Our client was on his way home to celebrate Christmas with his soul mate and wife. In addition to the payment of money, the plumbing company agreed to drug test all of its employees and fire any who tested positive, require random drug testing to 10% of its employees per month, install GPS units on its trucks to monitor drivers and conduct safety meetings. The company will now ensure a zero drug policy is in place in the employee handbook and require signage on its trucks asking for driver feedback.

$473 Thousand

The driver of an 18-wheeler was looking down at his radio rather than paying attention to the roadway. Our client slowed down due to a truck in front her slowing for a turn. The driver of the 18-wheeler ran into the rear of our client causing her car to overturn several times and the front end of his tractor to explode. She injured her shoulder and was diagnosed with PTSD and a mild traumatic brain injury.

$380 Thousand

A manager at a department store left a slick substance on the floor after removing tape previously used for a merchandise display. Our client was an employee of the store and was walking to her workstation when she slipped and fell due to the slick substance. As a result, her back, ankle and foot were injured. She developed a chronic pain condition in her foot/ankle that impaired her ability to walk normally or stand for long periods and caused on-going pain and swelling despite treatment.

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