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(All amounts are net dollars to client)

Amount Due to Client: $406,152.53
Unsafe Operation of a Truck

A gravel company failed to keep its truck in safe working condition.  As a result, when its driver started out on his early morning 5am trip and saw the light on indicating the dump was raised, the driver didn’t think it was raised and didn’t do what he knew he should’ve have done to ensure it was in the proper position.  As the driver started to pass under an overpass, the dump rose up (or according to the company was already raised) and crashed into the overpass leaving debris all over a pitch dark highway and separating the end-dump from the tractor. As JS drove down the highway at highway speeds, he hit the debris left on the roadway, lost control and bounced off the back side of the dump truck.  The driver blamed the company and the company blamed its driver.  Our client suffered a head injury and back and neck injuries.

Amount Due to Client: Estimated $300,000
Unsafe Truck Driving in Poor Weather

A truck driver was in the right lane of I-35 driving 65 mph in heavy rain.  The truck driver should have reduced his speed by one third given the hazardous road conditions.  He failed to see our client in the left lane, crossed over into the left lane sending our client into a cement divider and sending her out of control across the highway.  Unfortunately, the client ended up requiring a two level neck fusion and lived with on-going increased pain in her low back and shoulder before we could get to trial.  The insurance company for the trucking company offered $25,000 at mediation and had offered a top offer of $75,000 after three years in litigation.  The client’s medical bills totaled approximately $400,000. Shelly Greco and Victor Rodriguez tried the case in Tarrant County for a week and given the testimony elicited, the insurance carrier tendered its $1 million policy to resolve the case prior to closing arguments.

Estimated Amount due to client: $300,000

Amount Due to Client: $309,000.02
Rear-Ended by 18-Wheeler Truck and Falsely Accused

Our client was driving on 287 when he slowed to a complete stop due to traffic ahead of him.  An 18-wheeler behind him couldn’t stop in time and rear-ended the client.  The truck driver initially tried to claim that the client swerved in front of him and stopped suddenly, but changed his testimony later, stating that he didn’t see the client until seconds before the collision.  The client suffered injuries to his neck, low back, shoulder and achilles.  He had multiple surgeries for the ruptured achilles, shoulder tear, and herniated disc in his low back.  The case was tried and a jury found in favor of the client for a total of $1,320,830.00. 
Amount due to client: $309,000.02


Amount Due to Client: $1,000,000
Tow Truck Attempting U-Turn Causes Collision

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle driven on Hwy 59.  A tow truck attempted to make a U-turn in front of client’s vehicle and caused a horrific collision.  As a result, our client suffered numerous broken bones and fractures to her pelvis and legs.  She was taken to the local hospital and then had to be transported to a Houston surgical hospital in order to be treated for her injuries.  She underwent six surgeries at the hospital for her injuries and underwent two more surgeries during the following couple of years.  She was then admitted to an in-patient rehab for 1.5 months in order to receive intense therapy for her injuries.  Client then underwent out-patient therapy for almost a year.  Client also suffered head-trauma leading to migraines, dizziness and severe vertigo.  She had to undergo ocular therapy in order to re-center her vision to treat for those symptoms.  The case settled for $2,000,000.00.  Client received 1 million out of the settlement.

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