Nick Wagoner

Nick Wagoner



  • Baylor University – 2008
  • South Texas College of Law – Houston – 2011 (Sum Laude)

Bar Admissions

  • Texas State Bar Association
  • Texas U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
  • U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas
  • U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas
  • U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas
  • U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas

Professional Associations & Memberships

Nick Wagoner - Personal Injury, Truck Wreck and Car Accident Lawyer in Dallas, Texas

Attorney Nick Wagoner, based in Dallas, leverages a unique blend of experience defending large employers to now passionately represent individual plaintiffs. With his intimate understanding of defense strategies from his tenure at a boutique Houston firm, Nick deftly counters tactics to ensure a fair outcome for his clients. A proud Baylor University alumnus, he secured degrees in finance and entrepreneurship in 2008. Nick further refined his legal acumen by graduating cum laude from the South Texas College of Law in 2011, where he made significant contributions as the Managing Editor of the South Texas Law Review. Today, he stands as a formidable advocate for those impacted by the negligence of others or corporate irresponsibility. His credentials are reinforced with prestigious admissions to various U.S. District Courts across Texas and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

Top Settlements and Verdicts

Total Amount to Client
Construction Flatbed Changes Lanes Into Client

A construction worker driving a flatbed changed lanes into our client. Our client injured their neck (which required surgery) and shoulder and aggravated her lower back. We successfully proved the wreck was the cause of the injuries and made life challenging for our client.

Total Amount to Client
Client Struck By a Novice Truck Driver

Our client was struck by a novice driver from a large trucking company. Although the damage to their car was minimal, the client had severe injuries to their neck, back, and shoulder.

Total Amount to Client
Rear-Ended by 18-Wheeler Reveals Similar History of Conduct

This commercial case, which won a $300,000 settlement, was made possible by securing witness statements, threatening to uncover company negligence, and pushing on the federal regulations. Our client was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler and required low back surgery. We uncovered a history of similar conduct from the trucking company.

Total Amount to Client
Medical History Deep Dive Proves Head And Back Injuries Were Caused By Low-Speed Crash

Our client suffered head and back injuries in a low-speed collision that caused her pain and loss of bladder control. We were able to prove that her injuries were caused by the crash even though she had been involved in a more serious collision two years prior. Initially, the defense did not believe that the injuries were possible given the low-speed nature of the collision. We were able to convince them to take responsibility with a thorough analysis of medical history and interviews with our client's friends and family.

Total Amount to Client
Commercial Vehicle Backs into Car in Parking Lot

Our client was injured when a commercial vehicle backed into his vehicle in a parking lot. Our client's left shoulder was injured in the collision, and he required surgery.

Total Amount to Client
Truck Driver Loses Control in Snowy Weather

A truck driver lost control in snowy weather and tipped over on the highway in front of our client. Our client was unable to stop and hit the truck.

Total Amount to Client
Rear-Ended by 18-Wheeler Failing to Stop for Traffic

Our client was traveling on the interstate when she came to a stop due to traffic. The defendant, driving an 18-wheeler, failed to pay attention and rear-ended our client. The impact caused our client to rear-end the car in front of her.

Total Amount to Client
Improper Turn Results in Eye Injury

The defendant turned left in front of the vehicle in which our client was a passenger. The impact injured our client's neck and left eye. The eye injury was complex and required extensive medical intervention.

Total Amount to Client
Rapid Response Team Aquires Video Footage of Crash

In this commercial case, our client's vehicle sustained only minor property damage. However, we were able to get a great settlement thanks to Rapid Response Team, who secured video footage of the crash.

Total Amount to Client
Vehicle Runs Stop Sign Hitting Vehicle into a Yard

The defendant ran a stop sign and hit our client's vehicle hard enough to push it into the yard of a nearby house. Our client's injuries included his right arm, neck, and back. The insurer refused to tender their $30k policy, but they ended up paying five times that amount.

Total Amount to Client
Sideswiped by 18-Wheeler While Pulled Over

Our client pulled over to check on his trailer. As he stood next to the trailer, an 18-wheeler sideswiped the trailer. The impact of the crash pushed the vehicle into our client. The 18-wheeler driver heavily disputed the facts of the wreck. We were able to recreate the scene of the wreck to show that the defendant's version was inconsistent.

Total Amount to Client
Improper Turn Results in Above-Policy-Limit Settlement

The defendant turned in front of our client, causing a collision. Our client sustained injuries to his back and leg, which aggravated a previous leg injury. The insurer paid nearly three times the policy amount.

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