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Vehicle rollovers can turn what could have been a mild auto accident into a fatal one. Although they are considered rare in relation to the high number of accidents that occur, rollovers contribute to thousands of deaths and injuries each year.

Vehicle rollovers can be attributed to the design of an automobile, defective parts, or defects in tires. Although the rollover factor can be attributed to any style of vehicle, SUVs are often perceived as having the most rollover potential due to their height and stability features. Seemingly a relatively new phenomenon, rollovers have garnered more attention over the last few years with the increase in SUV makes and purchases, which put more of these types of vehicles on the road. However, this kind of crash has occurred for several decades, on a wide range of vehicles.

Rollover Accident Victims

Rollover accident victims are often left with severe physical or health problems and financial damages that can forever affect their lives. A qualified personal injury attorney can assist accident victims with recovering damages owed from this kind of occurrence and deal with additional burdens of confronting insurance providers who attempt to delay or avoid granting compensation.

Safe Driving Tips

It is always important to practice defensive driving and follow safety guidelines to help prevent a rollover, or any other type of accident from occurring. Operators of SUVs and other vehicles with a higher susceptibility for rolling over, are encouraged to take extra precautions with turning or driving around curves. The following are tips for helping drivers stay safe on the road.

  • Ensure that seat belts are worn at all times. The most severe rollover injuries often result from not wearing a seat belt.
  • Never drive while being tired or sleepy.
  • Drive slower in inclement weather.
  • Do not use the roof for cargo transport.
  • Do not get distracted. Proper focus can be a lifesaver.

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