Why People Don't Seek Medical Help in Car Accidents and Why You Should

Why People Don't Seek Medical Help in Car Accidents and Why You Should

Most people don’t like visiting their doctor, even for the most legitimate reasons. Those who have suffered car or truck accident injuries are even more hesitant, even though potential costs and consequences are increasingly high, and their health is at greater risk if they stay away.

Here are the most common reasons car and truck wreck victims avoid seeking professional medical help and why that is a critical mistake:


This is the biggest concern by far among car wreck victims. Simply put, people feel if they visit a medical professional, they will be forced to pay all of the expenses from their own pocket for a long time. And they’ll never recover financially.

The truth: It’ll likely be more costly and damaging to your health if you neglect medical help.

Inconvenience and Embarrassment

This is more of an issue of personal pride than thoughtful, rational thinking. Car wreck victims may feel at blame for the wreck, that they’re making a bigger deal of their injuries than they should, or that they don’t have the time and energy to follow up with medical treatment.

The truth: Your legal rights and health are based on concrete facts, not fickle feelings.


Many who have been involved in car or truck wrecks have thought they either didn’t suffer injuries at all or their injuries weren’t great enough to visit a medical professional. They reason that the pain isn’t that great, they can wait it out, or they can treat themselves.

The truth: Legitimate injuries require specific medical attention, not wishful thinking.

Medical Ignorance

Car crash victims often don’t seek medical help because they don’t know the importance of treating injuries quickly and comprehensively. They don’t even know what to look for or what secondary issues may arise later that may cause even greater damage to their health.

The truth: You trust professionals with your car. Do the same with your health.

Legal Ignorance

One of the most significant assets a car accident victim can obtain in building their case with insurance companies and in court is well documented and comprehensive medical records describing the costs, extent, and consequences of your injuries.

The truth: The best way to get the results you deserve is by building your best possible defense.

Even though people often resist seeking medical help, doctors know best–better than the average laymen–how you should treat your injuries after a car wreck. Staying away, saving a few dollars, or hoping you heal on your own is almost always more costly to your bank account and your health than seeking the correct medical attention.

Amy Witherite, founder and lead attorney of Witherite Law Group, says, “Unfortunately, I see it all too often where people avoid obtaining the necessary medical help after a car accident, hoping they’ll save money or time.” She adds, “They’re sorry in the end because they didn’t get the financial compensation they could have received in court and suffer long-term health issues they could have avoided.”

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