10 Tips to Make the Most of Your Insurance in a Car or Truck Accident

10 Tips to Make the Most of Your Insurance in a Car or Truck Accident

Just mention the word “insurance,” and you send a chill down most people’s spines. Add to that "car accident," and you’ve scared them to death. But when used properly, the correct handling of your insurance in a car wreck can be your greatest asset.

Misuse it, and it’ll cost you. Here’s how you can maximize your auto insurance benefits:

1. Keep your insurance up to date.

Texas law mandates all motorists carry a minimal amount of insurance. Obviously, if you don’t have current coverage, you can’t benefit from it. Keep it up to date, and keep safe.

2. Know your coverage.

Your insurance is only as valuable as your knowledge of it. Most people have no idea of their policy scope and benefits and never fully realize their value. Know your policy.

3. Exercise your rights.

And because they don’t know their coverage, many don’t take advantage of it. Know your benefits, and don’t be afraid to activate them when you need them the most.

4. Move with expediency.

In car accident/insurance matters, timeliness and responsibility are crucial. The longer you wait to get medical attention or file claims, the fewer benefits you’re likely to receive.

5. Have realistic expectations.

Your objective in taking advantage of your insurance is to compensate for expenses and cover damages, not get rich. Being greedy and opportunistic will hurt you in the end.

6. Enlist the help of experts.

Winning a fair outcome from a car or truck wreck takes time, money, and expertise. The more competent people you retain–lawyers, medical experts–the better your results.

7. Expect and engage opposition.

Insurance companies haven’t become as powerful as they are by being weak and passive. When you encounter them, be prepared for opposition from every angle.

8. Keep excellent records.

Obtaining the best results requires creating a convincing case you can effectively prove. The more detailed and comprehensive your records, the better your chances of success.

9. Take care of your injuries.

Your full physical recovery is primary. Negligence can lead to long-term medical issues and questions of competence, which lawyers and insurance companies can exploit.

10. Follow through.

Realizing your full insurance rights only occurs if you take all the necessary steps required to complete your case. If you don’t last until the end, you lose.

Amy Witherite, founder and lead attorney of Witherite Law Group says, “Most people don’t get the most out of their auto insurance, which is there to help in times of crisis. A good attorney helps car and truck wreck victims receive what they’ve paid dearly for and what they deserve.”

The truck accident attorneys of Witherite Law Group help those who have been injured in a car or truck accident. Get legal help today by calling 1-800-CarWreck® or 1-800-TruckWreck or visiting www.WitheriteLaw.com. We’re available 24/7.

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