10 Most Common Causes of Truck & Car Accidents

10 Most Common Causes of Truck & Car Accidents

Truck and car accidents can cause unwanted and costly consequences for victims and their loved ones. Even minor accidents can lead to major disruptions in one’s life by setting off a domino effect of inconveniences such as missed work, physical and emotional stress, and other challenges that hinder one’s ability to keep their life running according to plan.

It is helpful to understand the common causes of these accidents that can put one’s life at risk so that preventative measures can be taken whenever possible to avoid becoming involved in one. Here are the most common reasons for car and truck wrecks and what to look out for:

1. Driving While Distracted

Distracted driving is anything that prevents a driver from fully focusing on the road. Nationwide, distracted driving tops the list of car wreck causes. Common causes of distracted driving include cellphone use (quickly becoming the greatest threat), adjusting music or controls, and applying makeup.

2. Speeding

Speeding is a factor in a significant percentage of car wrecks. Whether in a hurry, unaware, or just ambivalent, many drivers operate at excessive speeds regardless of posted limits, without considering the potential consequences of an accident or citation, placing themselves and others at great risk.

3. Driving Recklessly

Reckless driving can entail a number of actions including failing to obey traffic laws, randomly passing from lane to lane, and generally driving without respecting other motorists or traffic conditions. It would be better for all if such activity stayed off the roads.

4. Tailgating

Not allowing a safe following distance between vehicles is a common error that drivers make due to sheer impatience. Many fatal car accidents occur in tailgating situations because drivers are not able to react in enough time when the vehicle in front of them stops quickly.

5. Driving While Intoxicated

Driving after consuming alcohol or under the influence of drugs is a high-risk act that can lead to serious accidents and extensive property damage. It is always necessary to find a designated driver when one opts to consume alcohol before getting behind the wheel. And doing drugs and driving is unacceptable.

6. Driving Drowsy

Drowsy driving is a huge issue that isn’t as widely discussed as other car wreck causes. However, fatigue while driving contributes to a large number of nighttime or early morning driving accident injuries. This is particularly evident in truck drivers whose work involves long hours and short deadlines.

7. Driving in Inclement Weather

Inclement weather can lead to numerous consequences while driving. Drivers must take additional precautions when on road surfaces that become slick or dangerous due to rain, sleet, or other harsh weather. Checking the weather report and driving slower on bad-weather days is wise advice.

8. Car Defects/Poorly Maintained Trucks

Automobile manufacturers do not always have the best track record of ensuring that vehicles they produce are free of dangerous defects before being operated. And many truck companies are less than exemplary in making sure their equipment is well maintained and running as safely as possible.

9. Traffic Signals/Violations

Of course, no discussion about accident causes is complete without mentioning all-too-common traffic violations, like running red lights, failure to stop, sideswipes, and illegal passing. Whether intentional or incidental, people are driving with less regard for traffic signals and other motorists than ever before.

10. Night Driving

Driving at night is another major contributor to car crashes, not only due to decreased visibility but also the fact that many dire consequences coincide with late hours, like tiredness, drowsiness, inattention, and less acute response times. Being especially alert at night can save you a world of harm.

Amy Witherite, founder and lead attorney of Witherite Law Group, talks about the importance of knowing the key causes of car and truck accidents, “A good way to avoid being involved in costly and often life-altering car and truck wrecks is to know why they occur in the first place. Reducing distractions to a minimum, keeping an eye on your speedometer, and being especially careful at night and in adverse weather goes a long way to making sure you keep safe, sound, and wreck-free.”

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