Witherite Law Group Gives $36,000 To Fund the Tubman Museum After-School Children’s Program

Witherite Law Group Gives $36,000 To Fund the Tubman Museum After-School Children’s Program

Macon, GA-- The Tubman Museum is a hub of history and culture, particularly for Macon area school children, and once had a robust after-school program offering children a place to learn about art, culture, history, music and more. That program was forced to end due to budget cutbacks.

After a recent visit to the museum, Amy Witherite, Owner and Founder of Witherite Law Group and 1-800-TruckWreck, recognized the impact the program had on many children and their families. When she discovered the after-school program had been cut, she made a quick decision to donate $36,000 and fund the program for a full semester.

“I am very thankful for Witherite Law Group and Attorney Amy Witherite’s caring heart and support for the Tubman Museum’s Education Department. Her donation will directly support students experiencing difficulties in school by funding educational and counseling services to students in our community.” said Jamiah Walker, Tubman Museum Education Department Director.

“As both an individual and personal injury law firm owner, it’s important to me that we help lift people up in society. The Tubman Museum has programs that play a critical role in doing just that for middle Georgia. We’re delighted we can play a small role in helping them fulfill and grow that mission,” said Witherite.

"We thank Witherite Law Group and Attorney Amy Witherite for supporting the Tubman Museum Education Department. This initiative not only supports the museum, but it will help so many children that are in school and may need an additional push." expressed Brother Harold Young, Tubman Museum Executive Director.


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