What Can a Truck Wreck Lawyer Learn at Truck Driving School? Perspective and Expertise that’s Invaluable to Clients.

What Can a Truck Wreck Lawyer Learn at Truck Driving School? Perspective and Expertise that’s Invaluable to Clients.

To gain expertise, you have to learn from the best. And you have to be dedicated to continued learning, training, and keeping up with every aspect of your industry. That’s true for anyone, particularly truck wreck lawyers.

That’s why Amy Witherite, founder and lead lawyer at Witherite Law Group, flew 20 of her staff to Montana, including 13 attorneys, to the leading truck driving school in the country.

Their experience included driving a big rig themselves and learning first-hand the safety practices of truck drivers, including how to secure loads. This hands-on approach enables the firm’s attorneys and case managers to deepen their expertise and better serve the truck wreck victims they defend.

“It’s critical we understand what truck drivers are going through in the cab and on the road,” Witherite said. “So when we encounter drivers and trucking companies in a legal case, we have a strong understanding of what it actually feels like to drive and stop an 18-wheeler and what steps are necessary to fulfill safe operation of the vehicle, including related regulations.”

What’s a Truck Driving School?

It’s often a long road to expertise. In this case, literally. The Witherite Law Group team flew more than 1,300 miles to Billings, Montana for a rigorous, two-day, 20-hour truck driving course.

The school is conducted by The Legacy Corporation, an international training firm that provides expert education and hands-on experience in the care, operation, and safety of large carrier trucks. The course is sponsored by the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys.

Christopher Provost, a Witherite attorney, said, “The most beneficial thing I learned is it’s possible to not only drive effectively and safely but also trucking companies can absolutely run their operations efficiently, effectively, and profitably. Yes, it takes great effort and tremendous attention to details to do so, but sadly, too many companies don’t take the time to ensure rules, regulations and safety procedures are followed.”

How Do You Learn?

The training included intense classroom work, lectures, in-the-field observation, actual truck driving, and experience in how to conduct standard truck operating procedures.

Participants learned everything from breaking and accelerating, turning, loading, logging, night driving, and essential safety practices. The goal of the course is to teach best practices to both competently drive a truck and responsibly run a trucking company.

Victor Rodriguez II, another Witherite lawyer, said, “It was challenging to drive a truck. Not only with regard to handling the size and weight of the vehicle but also keeping myself, my cargo, and everyone around me safe. And I did it for just a limited amount of time, not the 10 to 11 hours a day most drivers experience. It was invaluable, hands-on experience that will give us an edge in negotiations and the courtroom. And most importantly, that edge benefits our clients.”

Why Does Witherite Law Group Do This?

Witherite didn’t spend the time, money, and resources as a PR gimmick. She believes the more they learn about the trucking industry and experience both sides of a truck wreck case, the more expertise they can deliver on behalf of their clients.

“I’ve been a lawyer for 10 years and I’ve never heard of a law firm sending employees, including lawyers, to truck driving school. It’s an incredibly innovative approach to training. said Provost. “It makes me proud to be an attorney of a practice that values expertise that much.”

Victor Rodriguez II added, “If you’re going to place your trust in a law firm to take care of you and your family, you need to hire a firm that takes expertise seriously and learns from the best themselves.“

When hiring an accident attorney, ask them if they’ve attended truck driving school. Look for a firm like Witherite Law Group who truly ”goes the extra mile” for its clients--in this case more than 1,300 miles--because expertise matters.

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