Why You Need a Case Manager After a Car or Truck Wreck

Why You Need a Case Manager After a Car or Truck Wreck

Ever wonder why actors thank their agents when they win a major award or are asked about those who helped in their success? It’s because those people were the ones who were with them when they needed valuable direction and encouragement the most.

The same is true with a car or truck accident and the use of a case manager.

During one of the most stressful, life-changing, and costly events in a person's life, a legal firm’s case manager can be one of a victim's greatest assets as she helps develop an effective case strategy, ensure it keeps on track, and see it through until its end.

Here’s how a good case manager can help you:


Orientation and organization

Because a case manager has legal expertise, extensive experience, and an inside view of the law firm’s inner workings, she has an excellent understanding of the practice’s personnel and resources and how to use them all to your strategic advantage.

As the first point of contact with the client, she is the person who orients the client to the firm and the firm to the case as they work together to build the most solid defense possible. Since she has a grasp of the big picture, she can put all the pieces together with her knowledge, research, organizational, and teambuilding skills.


Communication and coordination

It’s one thing to know what needs to be done and start a process. It’s quite another to keep the process running from beginning to end, making sure the right people get the right work done at the right time for the right reason.

Following the plan, keeping on track, and even adjusting midstream, if necessary, are some of the case manager’s most important skills. Successfully accomplishing this demands not only exceptional organizational abilities but also exceptional communication capabilities so everyone knows exactly what’s going on. Like an orchestra maestro, the case manager must keep moving the symphony forward while everyone plays their part.


Restoration and resolution

Hard work and good motives aside, the thing that matters most to a car wreck victim is the outcome of their case. Did they get the results they need? And that occurs when legal expertise and experience are applied to a specific case as it makes its way through a very complicated, time and energy-consuming, and often contentious process.

Beyond knowledge and organization skills as well as communication and coordination expertise, an effective case manager must have the required amount of courage, guts, stick-to-itiveness, and savvy to run through the finish line with all she has. Getting the job done for the client and seeing him receive the legal help and restoration he needs is the case manager's primary concern.

Amy Witherite, founder and lead attorney at Witherite Law Group, says, “Case managers are one of the cornerstones of our firm because we know how vital they are to the success of each case and building relationships with clients. We see them as experts, organizers, administrators, coaches, and even cheerleaders.”

The accident attorneys of Witherite Law Group help those who have been injured in a car or truck accident. Get legal help today by calling 1-800-CarWreck® or 1-800-TruckWreck or visiting www.WitheriteLaw.com. We’re available 24/7.

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