5 Reasons A Correct Medical Diagnosis is Critical for Car Accident Victims

5 Reasons A Correct Medical Diagnosis is Critical for Car Accident Victims

Seeking medical attention for your car wreck injuries is an important first step in getting full compensation for your losses and complete restoration of your health. Just as important is obtaining the correct medical diagnosis from your doctor.

An accurate medical diagnosis will not only help you get off to a good start and head you in the right direction for your recovery, it will also enable you to reach your objectives quicker and alleviate unnecessary costs and time-consuming detours. It will also provide these five important benefits:

The FACTS of your condition: Direction

Doctors will tell you that the heart of a good diagnosis is a clear understanding of all the basic facts involved. The sooner and more fully you obtain them, the better your chances will be in understanding them, resolving them, and achieving the results you desire. You can’t hit a target you haven’t identified. You can’t heal yourself from injuries unless you know what they are.

The EXTENT of your injuries: Scope

Once you’ve correctly identified the basics of your injuries, you now need an overall view of their extent. Are your injuries slight or serious? Are they localized, or will they affect other areas? Will you require multiple health treatments or just one? Knowing the entire scope of your medical needs will enable you to understand the future extent and timetable involved.

The ROADMAP to your healing: Process

With an understanding of the facts and full extent of your injuries, you and your medical team can design a strategy for restoring your health. A specific plan is critical because it gives you a clear direction, goals, and objectives. It can always be slightly altered or changed entirely depending on your progress. Without a clear strategy, few endeavors succeed.

The RECORD of your recovery: Proof

Taking consistent and comprehensive notes on your recovery and keeping complete records of the medical costs and procedures involved is vital in documenting your case. It is essential not only for your short-term well-being as a status update but also for your long-term interests in outlining what has occurred. You can never collect too much data.

The TOOLS for your defense: Persuasion

Accurate and comprehensive facts aren't only essential in diagnosing your injuries, they are some of the most effective tools when presenting your case to insurance companies and courtrooms. Creating a clear, compelling, and persuasive defense is your greatest ally in court and the best way to get compensation for the losses you've sustained. And it all begins with a correct diagnosis.

Amy Witherite, founder and lead counsel of Witherite Law Group, says, "It's just as important for a lawyer to be equipped with all the facts when trying a car accident case as it is with a doctor in diagnosing injuries and knowing how to treat victims. In both cases, acquiring the clearest understanding as soon as possible is crucial for obtaining the success you're seeking."

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