Motor Vehicle Crashes

Motor Vehicle Crashes

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the annual economic and societal cost of automobile crashes is more than $800 billion, from healthcare and mechanical costs to lost work time and diminished quality of life. Then there’s the stress, inconvenience, and life strain that can turn the lives of car victims and their families upside down. Car wrecks disrupt everything.

Witherite Law Group's top priority is to restore your life to normal and get you compensation for the losses you’ve suffered. We help our clients

Obtain Medical Assistance and Post-Accident Resources

The first step after an accident is to make sure the physical health of all parties is restored, not just in the short term but also from injuries that may surface long after the accident. You can’t successfully contend for your rights in this long, complicated, and sometimes combative process if you’re not in top health.

We help you access medical and other help you need to start you on the road to a full recovery.

Pursue Your Legal Rights

Once your physical injuries are addressed, you must file claims and initiate the paperwork to recover the costs you’ve incurred and receive fair compensation for all your losses. Most people have no idea of their rights under the law.

We make sense of this complicated and time-consuming legal process to get you the settlement you deserve.

Build a Rock-Solid Case

Insurance and trucking companies can be hard to deal with, and car and truck wreck victims need to know how to engage them and hold them accountable. That means collecting evidence and putting all the pieces together for the most compelling case possible.

We have professional investigators and resources that will equip you with the data and strategy to build an effective defense.

Battle It Out in the Courtroom

Large companies often feel they can wait out, confuse, bluff, or bully car and truck wreck victims who are unfamiliar with the legal process. Most people aren’t savvy, experienced, or adept enough to handle the maneuvering and high-stakes confrontation that are often seen in court.

While others break into a cold sweat when entering a courtroom, we're at home there and can help you successfully navigate it.

Receive a Fair Settlement

The road to fully recovering your lost expenses and emotional losses often takes a long time and an expert and committed team. From the initial paperwork to the successful settlement of your case, a positive outcome is not an accident but the result of a dedicated team with the ability and courage to see your case through to the end.

We know a court case is a marathon, not a sprint, and we have the expertise and endurance to get our clients past the finish line.

Car wrecks are expensive, time-consuming, and emotional. On one side are insurance firms and big trucking companies with big payrolls and endless resources. You need a team who can help you fight back, construct a case, and prove it in court.

When you’re part of the Witherite team, you get a

  • Knowledgeable RESOURCE
    We do this for a living. We know how it’s done.
  • Proven PARTNER
    We’re good at this and have helped thousands in the past.
  • Compassionate COLLEAGUE
    We care about you, your loss, and your family.
  • Seasoned ADVOCATE
    We’re familiar with what it takes to win in a courtroom.
  • Faithful FAMILY
    We consider our clients as friends and want the best for them.

We can help you acquire the resources you need, cut through the paperwork, defend you in court, and win a fair and deserving settlement.

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