Attorney Adewale Odetunde Achieves Board Certification in Truck Accident Law By The National Board of Trial Advocacy

Attorney Adewale Odetunde Achieves Board Certification in Truck Accident Law By The National Board of Trial Advocacy

Atlanta, Ga - The National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) is pleased to announce that Adewale Odetunde of the law firm, Witherite Law Group has successfully achieved Board Certification as a Truck Accident Law advocate. The NBTA was formed out of a strong conviction that both the law profession and its clients would benefit from an organization designed specifically to create an objective set of standards illustrating an attorney's experience and expertise in the practice of trial law.

Adewale Odetunde, joins a growing number of trial attorneys that have illustrated their commitment to bettering the legal profession by successfully completing a rigorous application process and providing the consumer of legal services with an objective measure by which to choose qualified and experienced legal counsel.

The elaborate screening of credentials that all NBTA board certified attorneys must successfully complete includes demonstration of substantial trial experience, submission of judicial and peer references to attest to their competency, attendance of continuing legal education courses, submission of legal writing documents, proof of good standing and passing of an examination.

Board Certification is the highest, most stringent, and most reliable honor an attorney can achieve. Board certifications are the only distinctions awarded by non-profit organizations. The NBTA as well as all board certifying organizations are committed to safeguarding the public’s ability to choose a good attorney.

Adewale Odetunde earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Political Science from the University of Mississippi. He is a graduate of the University of Mississippi School of Law. Mr. Odetunde is licensed to practice in the states of Georgia, and Texas. He has been involved in over 1,000 cases in his career and has settled 185 cases since 2020. He is a member of the Witherite Law Group.

Approximately three percent of American lawyers are board certified, and Mr. Odetunde is a member of a very select group who has taken the time to prove competence in their specialty area and earn board certification.

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