How Lawyers Help Victims Pick Medical Teams

How Lawyers Help Victims Pick Medical Teams

Lawyers can be your best resource when it comes to selecting outstanding medical providers.

Unfortunately, lawyers sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to medical advice for car or truck wrecks. You know the stereotypes. When unethical legal practitioners do questionable things, the entire profession gets a black eye.

But Lawyers work with medical professionals every day. Some firms, like Witherite Law Group, even have a medical professional on staff. Think about it:

· Attorneys work with doctors on a regular basis.

· They understand which providers are the most competent.

· They know the ins and outs of how medical care and insurance impact the legal world.

Veronica Rodriguez, Pre-Litigation Department Director with Witherite Law Group, says, “Most people don’t realize how important a great medical professional is to their recovery and lawsuit success.” She adds, “Amy Witherite believes so much in the importance of the right medical treatment that she wouldn’t send a client to a healthcare provider she wouldn’t go to herself.”

There are five critical areas where lawyers can provide direction to car and truck wreck victims to determine the best medical providers for your situation:

1. Appropriate medical training and skill level

Because lawyers deal with so many cases and are always keeping an eye out for the best practitioners, they know what training and expertise levels result in the best medical outcomes. Knowing the right type of doctor for the right situation is critical. Not just anyone will give you the care you need.

2. Real-world performance and reputation

Knowing how to treat injuries is one thing. Doing it exceptionally well over a long time is another. Lawyers know which doctors get outstanding results. They know who have the best reputations and get the highest reviews as well as whose licenses are not in good standing and those who have a record of medical and ethical violations.

3. Willingness to treat car and truck wreck victims

It’s hard to imagine, but some physicians don’t like to treat car and truck cases because, quite frankly, they can require a great deal of time, energy, and risk involved. Experienced lawyers know which doctors are willing to provide medical treatment and which are less likely.

4. Treatment plan follow-up and follow-through

Familiarity with doctors also allows lawyers to know who are the best providers at creating treatment plans, following up, and seeing their patients through a complete recovery. Exceptional medical treatment and patient care gets around and is duly noted by the legal community.

5. Medical records and case documentation

In the insurance world and the courtroom, data and records - or evidence, as they like to call it - are king. They have a certain undeniable authority and weight. Lawyers know which doctors provide excellent records and are the most effective in the often long and complicated world of insurance and legal claims.

Veronica Rodriguez, who has worked in the medical and legal industries for more than 25 years, summarizes it well, “Because they’re around them so much, lawyers have the practical experience and special insights into which doctors are the most helpful in car and truck wreck cases. You know when you’ve found a good one and you don’t think twice using them when a client needs help.”

Take it from those who deal with these professionals and issues every day. A lawyer can be your best friend when it comes to selecting the medical provider that is best suited for your case.

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