Don't Leave Your Deposition to Chance

Don't Leave Your Deposition to Chance

Why Witherite? Going the extra mile to prepare clients for questioning by opposing attorneys

Going head-to-head versus a well-trained attorney is daunting, whether it’s in front of a jury or during the early stages of litigation. Being deposed by opposing attorneys is likely in a personal injury case. Depositions are part of the discovery process where the other side’s attorneys ask you in-depth questions about the accident, medical care you received, injuries incurred, your health before the accident, and other very specific details. Depositions are given under oath and can be considered legal evidence if your case goes to trial.

A deposition can be stressful. It requires victims to relive the accident and describe painful or traumatic details. It’s also an opportunity for the other side to try to find inconsistencies in your story, undermine your credibility and confidence, or make you appear unstable or emotional. Their goal is to use the deposition to reduce your settlement amount.

There are several steps attorneys should take to help a deposition go in your favor. But not all attorneys prepare their clients thoroughly and adequately. And, the worst thing you can do is not prepare with the help of an experienced attorney.

At Witherite Law Group, none of our clients go into a deposition without extensive practice and advance preparation.

As longtime attorneys working personal injury cases, we know what to expect from other attorneys in depositions. We know the most common questions and tactics, and we know the most effective strategies for handling them. Going into a deposition feeling uncertain or unprepared is totally unnecessary.

For our clients, depositions likely are a new experience. Witherite Law Group attorneys bring all our expertise and decades of experience to bear on making sure that every one of our clients feels comfortable, secure, and prepared to handle their deposition with skill and calm. We use both our internal experts and external specialists to guide our clients through a successful deposition.

There’s too much at stake to leave the outcome of a deposition to chance. When you’re choosing a personal injury lawyer, choose the Witherite Law Group for the expertise and experience that matter.

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