VIDEO: Why You Should Hire an Accident Attorney Who Has Attended Truck Driving School

Watch this video and find out why our attorneys think you should hire an attorney who has been to truck driving school.

Amy Witherite, Founder and Lead Lawyer at Witherite Law Group, recently flew 20 of her staff to Montana, including 13 accident attorneys. They attended the leading truck driving school in the country where they drove a big rig themselves, learned first-hand the safety practices of truck drivers, including how to secure loads, and had classroom training.

This experience, learning and perspective enables our personal injury attorneys and case managers to better serve the injured clients we serve.

“It’s critical we understand what truck drivers are going through in the cab and on the road,” Witherite said. “So when we encounter drivers and trucking companies in a legal case, we have a strong understanding of what it actually feels like to drive and stop an 18-wheeler and what steps are necessary to fulfill safe operation of the vehicle, including related regulations.”

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