How Witherite Law Group “Keeps Life Running” for Clients in Car Wrecks

How Witherite Law Group “Keeps Life Running” for Clients in Car Wrecks

Being a victim in a car wreck is scary, stressful, and confusing. It often totally disrupts one’s life. That’s why Witherite Law Group’s mantra is “We keep life running.”

It’s a promise we take seriously.

It’s an approach that requires putting people first, understanding their unique circumstances, listening to their needs, and connecting them to the best medical care to help them get better.

And, of course, it requires expertise to obtain a fair settlement. Expertise matters.

Expertise. Results. You.

For nearly two decades, the team at Witherite Law Group has been at the top of the personal injury sector of the legal industry.

Our approach is unique. We’ve led the way in putting people first while focusing on getting victims fair settlements, regardless of their socioeconomic class, education, or status in life. We get to know our clients. And that’s what we mean by Expertise. Results. You.

For clients who have experienced physical injuries from a car wreck, we first make sure they receive the appropriate and best medical care. Ultimately, successful settlements will come from our expertise. Expertise matters. Just as you matter.

We Let Our Expertise Speak for Itself

We don’t believe in advertising gimmicks, shouting, and bragging. Those don’t make a difference.

We recognize clients often don’t have money to get their car fixed, much less treat their physical injuries following an accident. The loss of a vehicle means life is disrupted, and a job is potentially lost. Stress mounts, and a frantic search for help begins.

Medical treatment? Financial assistance? Transportation? Childcare? These are the areas of life that many law firms don’t consider when a client is in a car or truck wreck. They can be costly.

That’s why we don’t require up-front payment. You only pay if we win your case. Period.

“We hope you are never in an accident, but if you are in a wreck, we’ll keep your life running,” said Amy Witherite, founding partner at Witherite Law Group. “When life stops, you don’t need someone to shout at you. In those difficult moments, you need someone to listen. We sit at a lot of our clients’ kitchen tables and do just that.”

She adds, “We’re not loud. We don’t get on TV and yell at you about how angry we get. We simply tell you what we represent and let our actions do the talking. It’s about putting people first and demonstrating expertise in all we do.”

After thousands of cases over nearly 20 years, it’s an approach we know is most likely to lead to a successful outcome for our clients. And it's an approach that will keep their life running.

The accident attorneys of Witherite Law Group help those who have been injured in a car or truck accident. Get legal help today by calling 1-800-CarWreck® or 1-800-TruckWreck or visiting We’re available 24/7.

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