What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

You've probably heard the phrase, "What you don't know can’t hurt you." The opposite is the case when it comes to car and truck wrecks. Ignorance in these matters can be of great harm to your health, finances, and overall way of life.

Here are some myths you'd be wise to investigate when you're a victim of a car or truck wreck:

MYTH #1: Don’t be in a rush to seek medical treatment.

The longer it takes you to initiate treatment for your car or truck wreck injuries, the more costly it can be. Most insurance companies and juries believe if your injuries are legitimate, you would have sought medical care as soon as possible.

MYTH #2: Trust your instinct and get the medical treatment you think is best.

As much as you are the legal authority and best person to make decisions about your own health, it's critical you seek and accept advice from capable healthcare professionals. Not only is this best for your body, but also your legal case.

MYTH #3: You only need to treat the immediate pain you feel.

Many secondary injuries occur in a car or truck wreck. Of course, handling those most critical is essential but there may be other conditions that appear later. Your goal is to recover from all your injuries, not just the most painful and immediate.

MYTH #4: You can base your recovery by how you feel.

Determining the quality of your health solely by how you feel isn't the best advice after a car or truck wreck where there are can be unforeseen and undetected internal issues. Trust your physicians. Feelings are important but feelings and facts are better.

MYTH #5: All doctors will treat your injuries.

Unfortunately, many doctors are hesitant to treat car and truck wreck victims because it can require a great deal of time, attention, and legal responsibility and liability. Make sure you seek medical professionals who will assist you through the entire process.

MYTH #6: If you've got a justifiable case, you should win a fair settlement.

Despite what you think is fair or should happen, car and truck wreck lawsuits are typically won and lost by the best and most complete evidence and case presentation. This includes a comprehensive and complete approach to your medical treatment. A fair settlement is the result of hard work, attention to detail, and legal skill.

MYTH #7: Acquiring adequate medical records is enough.

Detailed and comprehensive medical records can be a car or truck wreck victims' best asset in a court case. Good enough isn't good enough. Superior and full records can make or break your case. Make sure you give them the attention they deserve.

Amy Witherite, founder and personal injury attorney at Witherite Law Group, recommends, “Don't leave your medical treatment of a car or truck wreck case up to chance. Or merely hope things will work out. Or rely on others to build your case. Get the best medical treatment you can acquire and keep full and detailed medical records and you'll ensure you receive the most positive recovery and best legal result possible.”

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