4 Tips for Navigating Insurance After a Wreck

4 Tips for Navigating Insurance After a Wreck

The world of automobile insurance is often complicated to navigate for those who have been involved in a car accident. This is in large part due to the red tape accident victims must cut through to ensure that their claims are processed correctly, and the best outcome possible is attained for getting the full restitution warranted for their case. Not all insurance policies or providers are the same, and therefore it is vital to have the right support system in place to help one navigate the process of filing an insurance claim.

Dallas personal injury lawyer Amy Witherite says that the following tips can be useful for those who face confusion in trying to deal with the wearying nightmare of insurance filings after an automobile crash.

  1. Exercise caution in dealing with insurance companies – After filing a claim, insurance adjusters typically make attempts to rush to settle with claimants as quickly as possible, even without having sufficient documents to assess the full extent of one’s losses. This is a primary reason many injured accident victims opt to seek help from an experienced attorney who can advocate for them and deal with insurance companies on their behalf.
  2. Understand that there are different types of insurance coverage that may be applicable for an insurance claim – This is something that a number of injured accident victims find challenging to understand; however, it is important to be aware that insurance companies may attempt to use the limitations that are outlined in the provisions of the type of policy held by their insured as leverage to get out of taking full responsibility for the total sum of damages a victim has incurred. Working with a personal injury lawyer is in many cases the most effective way to ensure that the full range of coverage allowed under a policy in question is fought for.
  3. Know that it isn’t necessary to rush to provide a statement to insurance companies – A safe practice is to wait until you have had a chance to confer with an accident injury lawyer so that you will be better prepared to address questions insurance adjusters may present you with. Because insurance companies make it a practice to record conversations for their own benefit, any misstep in addressing their questions might work against you at some step during the processing of your claim.
  4. Don’t fall for manipulative tactics in dealing with any insurance company after an accident – Regardless of how things may appear, it is important to keep in mind that insurance companies always function in terms of what is in their own best interests. Therefore, most will undervalue your claim or attempt to deny any compensation altogether, even if the facts substantiate they have a responsibility to pay. A skilled personal injury attorney can uncomplicate the process of navigating filing an insurance claim, and work to maximize compensation those left with property damage and injuries may be entitled to.

The car accident lawyers of Witherite Law Group are dedicated professionals who are available to help those who have been injured in a Dallas car wreck with assessing their legal options for moving forward. Individuals with questions about getting legal help for a Dallas car accident claim can call 1-800-Car-Wreck® to speak with someone directly today.

Attorney Amy Witherite is certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, she has been named by Texas Super Lawyer, as one of the 50 Best Women Lawyers in Texas. She has been named a Texas Super Lawyer since inception of the annual Texas Super Lawyer award in 2003 by Texas Monthly Magazine. She co-founded the law firm Witherite Law Group in 2001 in Dallas, Texas and has expanded to include offices in Fort Worth and Atlanta.

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