Top 3 Facts to Document in a Car or Truck Wreck

Top 3 Facts to Document in a Car or Truck Wreck

Success in car and truck wreck lawsuits often depends on who has the best documentation.

Of course, cases are won on many factors such as the evidence and laws involved, the strength of cases, and legal expertise. But cases can be weakened and even lost from the beginning by how well the on-the-scene facts are documented — yes, literally when you’re at the scene of the accident.

Here are three crucial facts an accident victim needs to document to ensure the best outcome for his or her case:

1. Driver Information

After securing the health and safety of all involved and making sure vehicles and the wreck scene are secure, your first objective is to fully identify all the drivers. Although there will undoubtedly be some initial anxiety, shock, and stress from the incident, this step is essential.

The necessary driver information to collect includes all driver license numbers, insurance, license plate numbers, all numbers on both the side of a truck’s cab (i.e. DOT number) and the trailer license plate (when the accident involves a truck), plus any other identifying information you can obtain. The more data, the better.

2. Vehicle Damage and Personal Injuries

The second crucial fact to document is to acquire as much evidence of the wreck as you can. You’re probably already equipped and adept at doing that—with your cell phone camera.

Take photos of the damage to all vehicles—from every angle—as well as the wreck scene and any environmental elements that may have impacted the accident (i.e. sign hidden by a tree, stop light malfunctioning, etc.). Also, record any injuries you sustain.

Take as many pictures as possible as the only bad picture is the one you don't take.

3. Police and Medical Reports

The documentation we’ve discussed so far is subjective. Second-hand documentation gives extra credibility and validity in the courtroom. Police and medical records are easy to obtain with a phone call and a little patience.

Adewale Odetunde, an attorney at the Witherite Law Group, states it simply, “Facts and data are crucial to any good car wreck case, especially at the scene of the accident. The amount and quality of evidence you provide usually has a direct correlation with the strength and ultimate success of your case.”

Document well. Document often. Document fully.

Everyone can do that. And it’s one of the most effective things you can do to ensure the best outcome of your accident case.

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