Six New “Making A Difference” Scholars Named

Six New “Making A Difference” Scholars Named

FORT WORTH – “I’ve always wanted to go to college because my parents didn’t really have the chance.  I want to be the first to finish college and to set an example for my younger siblings,” said Kiyan Williams, as she interviewed for the “Making A Difference” Scholarship awarded by Amy Witherite of Eberstein Witherite, LLC.

Kiyan is one of six Dunbar High School seniors to receive the $2,500 renewable scholarships this year – and like most of the recipients, she will be a first-generation college student this fall.

Each of the six recipients has their own remarkable story of determination and fortitude.  Triniti Rutherford is planning to study nursing and criminal justice to become a forensics nurse.  “I lost my father to being violently murdered.  To this day, I have never found out who murdered my father,” she said.  “I want to be able to give families closure that I didn’t get.”  Essence Holloway also wants to be a nurse, with a specialty in neonatology.  She was inspired as she watched these nurses care for her cousin, who was born weighing just one pound.

Since 2014, Amy Witherite, founder of the law firm Eberstein Witherite, has awarded more than $100,000 in scholarships to students in Texas.  As a Fort Worth native, Witherite is committed to helping students in her hometown pursue their college dreams.  But beyond that, she is also focused on providing opportunity for economically disadvantaged students.

“Our scholarship recipients are smart leaders, with an incredible drive to succeed.  With these scholarships, we want to show them we believe in their abilities to accomplish whatever they want in life,” said Witherite.

In many ways, the confidence these scholarships provide is as valuable as the cash.  “A lot of our students are on the fence about college, and this opportunity will let them know this is something that they can do,” said Oscar Adams, Dunbar’s Principal.  “We have checked in and followed up with students who have received this scholarship, and those students are being successful.  This scholarship has motivated them and really made a difference in their lives.”

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