Leading Car and Truck Accident Law Firm, Witherite Law Group, hires experienced Attorney Forrest Mays

Leading Car and Truck Accident Law Firm, Witherite Law Group, hires experienced Attorney Forrest Mays

Witherite Law Group announced that, Forrest Mays has joined the personal injury law firm as a car and truck accident attorney.

“We are thrilled to welcome Forrest Mays to our growing team. He not only brings great personal injury expertise but he also shares and exemplifies the firm’s core values of ‘People First, Unmatched Expertise and Integrity Always’”, said founding partner and commercial truck wreck attorney, Amy Witherite. “Additionally, his tremendous ability to advocate for clients will make him a valuable asset to our legal team and every client he represents at our firm”.

Mays grew up in McKinney, Texas and attended Wellington Christian Academy. He attended the University of Texas at Austin where he majored in Political Science. Spurred by his interest in law and politics, he went on to attend South Texas College of Law in Houston where he earned honors during his first year and served on the South Texas Law Review.

After graduating law school, he practiced on the defense-side of personal injury law where he gained a keen appreciation for the zealous advocacy that people require in the face of those that serve to suppress victims of personal injury accidents.

When asked about his work as a plaintiff’s attorney, Mays stated, “When I became a personal injury attorney advocating for the innocent who had been wronged by the negligent acts of others, I felt a true inspiration for serving justice and aggressively pursuing a course to restore my clients to the lives they enjoyed before a predicament they did not choose. I am excited to continue to pursue justice for the injured car and truck wreck clients of Witherite Law Group”.

Mays is licensed to practice in all courts in the State of Texas and in the U.S. federal district courts of the Southern and Eastern Districts of Texas. He is also a member of Texas Trial Lawyers Association and Smith County Young Lawyers Association.

Witherite Law Group is a Dallas-based personal injury law firm founded in 2001 with offices in Dallas, Fort Worth and Atlanta, GA. The firm’s attorneys specialize in helping those injured in a car or truck accident and can be reached by calling 1-800-TruckWreck or 1-800-CarWreck, 24 hours a day.

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