5 Key Traits to Look for in an Accident Attorney

5 Key Traits to Look for in an Accident Attorney

That’s what expertise does for you. And there’s no disputing the expertise Michael Jordan delivered to the Chicago Bulls and basketball as a whole.

The fact is, expertise transforms average or good performance into great performance.

The importance of expertise is no different when you’re looking for a great accident attorney. You need a firm who has expertise in both car and truck wrecks. And it’s critical to understand that expertise in car wrecks doesn’t translate to expertise in truck wrecks.

The regulations, laws and technology that regulate and monitor the commercial trucking industry require legal expertise to understand and navigate to ensure you get the settlement you deserve.

Witherite Law Group seeks expertise in every employee we hire. Especially for attorneys. We believe expertise is defined by five key traits:

1. Comprehensive Knowledge

Expertise begins with an all-encompassing yet down-to-the-details knowledge of the legal profession, which, in our case, involves the nuances of personal injury accident cases. This means knowledge of the history of these cases, the laws and regulations which impact the industry, the best ways to uncover key evidence, how to build and try cases, and how to develop a strategy to win them.

Knowledge isn’t just knowing facts and figures.

It’s about knowing what those facts mean, how to construct them into a winning case, and when and how to use that information to your advantage.

2. Adaptable Skills

Knowledge is one thing. Skills are another.

Here are some skills expert lawyers possess: Reasoning. Preparation. Persuasion. Problem solving. Adaptability. Working with people. Attention to detail. Time and resource management. Finishing well. Closing.

Skills are the triggers that turn knowledge into performance. They are the means by which a lawyer consistently transforms the facts of the case into a clear, concise, compelling, and winnable case.

3. Productive Action

Experts don’t become experts by merely educating themselves, accumulating skills, and proclaiming they are “an expert.” Abilities are meaningless without specific, continued, and strategic action, experience, and ongoing training.

It’s like keeping a race car in your garage or never dusting off a grand piano. If you do either, eventually the engine doesn’t run and the piano goes out of tune.

But action isn’t enough.

Expertise activates and unleashes knowledge and skills. It optimizes them. After all, the factor that is most important to a client isn’t a lawyer’s intelligence, skills, oratory skills, or likeability: It’s how successful they are in turning action into results.

4. Exceptional Character

Smart lawyers, even wise ones, are a dime a dozen. Lots of lawyers are proactive. Many attorneys have stellar success rates. At least at some point.

In all cases, it’s the attorney who has combined excellent character with all the above points who will rise to the top and produce consistently great performance.

True character isn’t manufactured or imitated. It’s either there or it’s not. Qualities like integrity, honor, hard work and respect for others aren’t qualities you can teach. However, they are qualities you can hire. And while it’s not always instantly obvious, character is ultimately and always unmistakable.

5. Genuine Compassion

Compassion and empathy aren’t always qualities associated with the legal profession. But ironically, having a servant’s heart is critical to legal success. Unfortunately, the loud, insensitive, and even arrogant attorneys tend to get too much attention.

That’s why it’s important to evaluate an attorney’s contributions to their community. True compassion isn’t measured in dollars or a single event. It’s a trait that’s evident year-round in how an attorney interacts and supports their community.

Accident victims need more than a boisterous, aggressive attorney. They also need a lawyer who understands the importance of supporting a victim’s recovery, coping, and injury management to ensure their client gets physically and emotionally well as soon as possible.

This approach, combined with legal expertise, has the best chance of producing a great performance and outcome.

Amy Witherite, founder and lead attorney of Witherite Law Group, explains, “For years we have sought attorneys who define the word expertise. It’s a unique combination of knowledge, skills, attitude, character, and compassion. It’s hard to explain, but you know it when you see it. And it translates into expertise in law, process, and people. And if any one of the three are missing, we know it won’t work for us. Or our clients. It’s why we always say, ‘Expertise Matters.’”

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