10 Questions to Consider When Deciding to Hire an Attorney

10 Questions to Consider When Deciding to Hire an Attorney

The decision to hire a car or truck accident lawyer following a wreck is not an easy one.

After being in an incident that justifies a legal claim, many people are apprehensive to do that, fearing a court battle will be an overwhelming and costly undertaking.

It’s important to recognize when it’s necessary to hire an accident attorney. Often times it’s the best option for ensuring you secure your rights and get fair compensation for the personal injury and property damage you experience due to the fault of another driver.

Here are 10 essential questions to ask in determining your need for an accident lawyer:

1. Are INSURANCE COMPANIES rushing and pushing you to accept a settlement?

2. Are you unsure of how to BUILD YOUR CASE?

3. Have you sustained INJURIES that require medical treatment?

4. Do you need legal advice to UNDERSTAND INSURANCE and LIABILITIES?

5. Do you need expertise to DEFEND YOURSELF against an INSURANCE COMPANY?

6. Do you need expertise in commercial vehicle LAWS and REGULATIONS?

7. Do you need expertise to DEFEND YOURSELF in a courtroom?

8. Are you accumulating EXPENSIVE MEDICAL and REPAIR BILLS?

9. Have you experienced SIGNIFICANT WORK and WAGE LOSSES?


Amy Witherite, founder and lead attorney of Witherite Law Group, states, "If you have incurred medical bills and other debt or are left unable to work because of your accident, an attorney can help you with recovering any losses you may be entitled to under personal injury law." She adds, "Texas and Georgia law allows for the pursuit of financial recovery in cases where a driver has been negligent and caused harm to others as a result. We make sure you’ve got expertise on your team."

The accident attorneys of Witherite Law Group help those who have been injured in a car or truck accident. Get legal help today by calling 1-800-CarWreck® or 1-800-TruckWreck or visiting www.WitheriteLaw.com. We’re available 24/7.

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